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Nutaku โ€“ The Online Home of Hentai Games

Are you a die-hard fan of adult hentai games? If so, you need to head over to Nutaku. With its launch in 2015, this website offers users more than 150-hentai games. Bring your erotic dream into reality with a fantastic selection of the best hentai from around the globe.
Japan is responsible for the development of the best in role-playing hentai games, but there’s a growing English-speaking audience that wants access to these sexy titles as well. Nutaku aims to bring English-speakers top-quality hentai entertainment.
Signing up with Nutaku is a simple process. Get access to the site by signing up with your email address and selecting a password. After registering, start browsing the platform, and satisfy your hentai needs!

What Is Nutaku?

Nutaku has an offering that satisfies the needs of every hentai enthusiast. From RPGs to hentai card battles, and even dating sims, Nutaku has it all. Navigating the site is a breeze, and you’ll find the layout allows you to browse the dozens of XXX-rated titles, including popular hentai sex games like;

  • Flower Knight Girl
  • Shinobi Buster
  • Pussy Saga

There are so many titles to choose that you won’t know where to start. These adult hentai games not only put your hand-eye coordination to the test, but they also challenge your concentration as well. Try to keep your focus while hentai honeys perform different sex acts on you using erotic animations that drive your senses wild with excitement.

When visiting the site, you’ll find that Nutaku lists all its most popular offerings in categories such as “Newest,” “Top Ranking,” and “Recommended.” The user-friendly navigation of the site allows you easy access to your favorite titles.
Nutaku offers you three kinds of hentai games which you can access through the site. You get 19 free games that you can play in your browser and 6-games for your mobile device. However, the bulk of the sites offering comes in the 70-Premium hentai games available for purchase on the site.

Nutaku offers a prepaid membership that allows you access to all of the games. With Nutaku, you get no-holds-barred hentai porn to keep you glued to your monitor or mobile device.

Nutaku โ€“ The Most Popular Hentai Porn Site

Nutaku is undoubtedly popular with hentai enthusiasts. The site has a ranking of 780 on the list of the most-visited global websites. Nutaku also enjoys a ranking of 58 for the most-visited adult site online.
Nutaku receives more than 78-million unique monthly visitors, and its a popular site in many countries around the world. There are an estimated 9-million registered users on Nutaku, with the American audience accounting for 23% of the traffic to the site.

Online Browser Games

Nutaku offers users 25-titles available to play in your browser for free. There are numerous genres to choose from, including RPGs, dating sims, puzzles, and adventure games. However, all the games have an erotic twist in the theme, with adult themes and scantily-clad anime characters doing your bidding.
Some of the titles currently available on the platform include;
Booty Calls Dating Sim
Crush Moist & Uncensored Dating Sim
RPG Kahime Project R
Crystal Maidens
Attack on Moe H
Harem Heroes

Games Available to Download

With Nutaku, you get 114-porn games ready for download. The pricing for the games depends on the complexity, release date, and popularity of the title. Most of the games available are hentai-based, but you’ll find a few beat ’em ups, action-adventure games, side scrollers, and RPGs, as well.
Some of the most popular titles on the platform include the following.
Sakura Dungeon
Shards of Eradine
Desecration of Wings
Galaxy Girls
Analistica Academy
Yozora Rhapsody
By far, the most popular title available on Nutaku is ‘Desecration of Wings,’ a fantasy RPG.

Mobile Hentai Games

With Nutaku, you get 14-mobile games ready for download to your device. Best of all, they’re all for free! The most popular titles for mobile include;
Kamihime Project R
Fake Lay
Pussy Saga
Armor Blitz
Girls on Tanks

Experience the Nutaku Community

Nutaku also offers users the opportunity to join the Nutaku community. This social network allows you to follow other users and create groups. Message friends on the site, and challenge each other.

Nutaku Pricing

You make payment for your hentai games using gold coins you purchase through the website. Nutaku offers the following gold coin bundles.
1,000 Gold โ€“ $5.00 (first-time purchase)
1,000 Gold โ€“ $10.00 (later purchases)
2,000 Gold โ€“ $20.00
3,000 Gold โ€“ $30.00

With the Nutaku virtual currency, you get one gold coin for $0.01. Nutaku also awards you 100-free gold coins for verifying your email address, and you can also get gold coins for referring your friends to the site via an email link.
You can also win gold coins by completing puzzles on the site. By using this strategy, Nutaku creates an incentive for users to take advantage of the loyalty system, and log in for three consecutive days in a row.
After logging in three days in a row, you unlock other missions. After completing the mission, Nutaku awards you with a piece of the puzzle. When you have all the puzzle pieces, you can trade them in for gold coins.
The best games on the site cost money, and you’ll need to pay anywhere from $1 to $45 to access the title.

Nutaku โ€“ The Verdict

Over the last 6-months, traffic to Nutaku increased from 25-million visitors to over 78-million. It’s clear that the site is snowballing, and it’s popular with the Western market. In just two years, Nutaku is now the leading hentai porn site online, with a ranking in the top 100 adult sites.

The rapid growth of Nutaku also comes with a few teething issues in the process. Some users say that the site’s customer support can be slow to respond to queries. However, one of the most significant challenges facing the platform is its payments system, where some customers experienced issues with PayPal payments going through.

Nutaku fixed these issues, and it’s now fully functional in both payments and customer service. The site has an excellent reputation for delivering top-quality hentai games, and we can expect it to continue to do so in the future.
With a comprehensive range of hentai games, aficionados of the genre will find plenty of offers, and the site continues to add new titles all the time. The pricing structure is affordable, and we feel its great value, considering the selection on offer.
Compared to other sites, Nutaku is both affordable and excellent value for money when you consider the range of titles on offer. The social network on the website might need some tweaking, but overall, it’s a quality service that’s well worth the money.
The remarkable growth of the site shows massive demand for hentai porn games in the west. as a result, we can expect more games to release on the platform, and it will continue to dominate the hentai niche.

So, with all this in mind, what are you waiting for? Register your account with Nutaku today. Get access to the best hentai porn games online, and start living your anime fantasy right now!