Reality Kings

5 out of 5 stars

Reality Kings is among the very few sites that when mentioned, everybody says that you are in for something good. It is one of the porn networks that you will ever come across. It has been in business for more than twenty years. It is started, in 2006, as an amateur production, though it is now a great porn network. In other words, in recent years, the network has been going from strong to stronger. It is has a massive collection of diverse porn content that you can never get tired of.

Reality Kings Review

There are not less than 40 network sites, which you get free access, upon joining Reality Kings. Some of these network sites incorporate Inch Plus, MILF Hunter, We Live Together, and 40 Inch Plus. The cost is somehow reasonable and the moment you get inside the downloads come in, with a 5 Mb/s bitrate, at 1080p. In conjunction with Flash-based streaming, you can get lower quality clips to save both bandwidth and time. In due course, this site is known for representing what great porn mega sites ought to have. Consider checking it out and determine if it is worthwhile: you will not be disappointed.

For those purchasing porn, variety is all that you need. The most incredible porn sites are known for keeping you enticed, in addition to filled with passion, desire and lust whenever you visit them. With its membership, you can be assured of satisfying your urges in way that that will not make you feel bored. Why should you settle for the same porn videos’ repetition when there is an option of watching different porn videos of different styles each day, without running out? You have the option of watching first-timers, as well as veteran MILF pornstars who have been around for a long duration to get you off from 50 feet away. So watch big bouncy boobs, tiny perky tits, and interracial sex.

Aren’t you convinced? Reality Kings offers a collection of more than 11,000 porn videos that feature an incredible amount of pure reality porn. Also, they often update their collection. Per day, they add a maximum of two new videos; this makes the collection to keep on expanding; hence, giving members a variety of porn scenes to watch. Most individuals would not be in a position of making a dent in watching the entire collection that is in this network, Reality Kings.

Reality Kings Bonus Content

When you get the Reality Kings membership, you can be assured of so much content. The fact that it is a 40 websites, it is like you are getting a promotion of buying one and getting 39 for free. This is just incredible and amazing offer. This is assumed to be the best thing since the time that porn content was invented in ‘80s. Porn has been existing for a long duration, though you need to familiarize yourself with some facts. Therefore, with much material at a fair price, it is not a surprise that Reality Kings is among the top porn sites, as well as best porn values available.

Reality Kings Discounts

This site has an offer of 40 sites at a price of one premium site: this is what makes the Reality Kings so great. Moreover, on your membership, there is a possibility of getting a lifetime discount: this suggests that you can access the porn content of this site at a fantastic price. Getting such an incredible production value that this site has is just within a grasp.

Pros of Reality Kings

So, several porn sites that have been included with the Reality Kings membership have already been discussed. There praises of this porn site having a massive collection of the porn videos, more than 11,000 have been sung. Another thing that has been touched on is the incredible variety of the porn moves, though there is a need for expanding it. Several movies on this site are reality porn clips, though they are known for overlapping and spanning several other genres too, like Big Busty Babes, 18+ Teen, Interracial, Fetish, Interracial, and many more.

On this site, a good number of the high quality clips are HD; they are in the thousands. Along with the raunchy views of the gorgeous women pornstars, there is reality porn that gives you an opportunity of getting storylines to follow as you watch. What is more, there are not less than 80,000 HD porn clips on this site, and the rate at which they are being added, they are enough porn content to satisfy your sex and musterbation life. The site is known for picking out hottest men as well; therefore, it does not matter whether you are bi, bi-curious or straight, there are perfect clips for you.

In as much as there are several enhancements that can be made, the site is easy to navigate. You can find things without difficulties, and it has categories, which offers assistance when searching for content. It has a basic search function as well; hence, giving you room for seeing all your favorite pornstars, and seeing their videos in one place. Likewise, the movies have been coming with unique arrays of images that can be checked out.

Cons of Reality Kings

If you have 40 porn websites, you are likely to be somehow super proud. This is the case for the Reality Kings. In as much as this site brings you several sites, and it is still updating a number of them, some of them are not active. Though this is assumed to be a bummer, the websites are really nice. Sites such as Big Tits Boss, Money Talks, as well as Team Squirt are ever inactive. Though they are great sites, but there is a possibility if getting to stick to the porn clips made for the inactive sites.

Another disadvantage of this site is that in as much as it is big, the membership charges individuals more for them to download porn videos. Several prominent websites have started to do this and if you want to get awesome porn videos you can consider cramming into the external hard drives of yours; the new content will keep you excited. If your favorite porn video stuck around, keep it closed. This is the reason why getting a membership upgrade is highly recommended to allow subscribers to download their preferred clips, in as much as this was included with the Reality Kings membership. The bonus of upgraded membership is that you can as well download porn photos.

As you know and expect with most porn websites, there are standard definition clips on this site. They are great and you need not to judge them harshly.


Reality Kings is as real as its name. It gives visitors and subscribers high expectation. It is one of top porn sites in the world. On the other hand, it is a shame since it extra money is needed for the members to download porn videos, if they do not want to stream them. The content is spectacular and you can be assured of satisfying your sex and musturbation life since it gives you what you are looking for.